Jpeg to Pdf Converter 3000

Jpeg to Pdf Converter 3000

It is one small converter that can instantly convert JPEG images into PDF files

Jpeg to Pdf Converter 3000 is a fast, high-quality software solution that transforms your JPG images into PDF documents. It can perform conversion of any number of folders full of JPG files. The output PDF file allows a certain level of customization, which includes watermarking and the possibility of protecting it with owner and user passwords.

You can create an individual PDF file for each image, or you can put them all together in one single PDF. Whichever option you choose, you will always get a high-quality copy of the original JPEG file in a compact document that anybody can open and use. If you are working with images of different sizes, the program will automatically adjust the resulting page size to the size of the image, unless you prefer to change the dimensions of the image to fit each page of the output document.

Bookmarking itself is highly customizable, allowing you to add a text, a background image, or both. Besides, you decide which font to use, the color and the size, as well as the level of transparency of the image.

The conversion progress offers good-quality results at reasonable speed, though the final appearance of the images in the PDF file will largely depend on the quality of the original image and the settings you have applied to the conversion (i.e., forcing the enlargement of the images to fit the page may sometimes result in heavy pixelation).

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